Digital Marketing Myths busted

1)     Don’t respond to Negative comments

Interaction and engagement are some of the main aspects of digital marketing. Negative comments should never be ignored. A polite and empathic reply to Negative comments is a must, which makes the customer believe that he is being listened to. By offering a solution for the same can help you convert the negative perspective of a customer into a positive one.

2)     Merely existing on social Media is sufficient

An Inactive Digital presence is worse than a nonexisting digital presence. Regular posts, surveys, quizzes, etc is a must to keep your audience interested. An interested and engaged audience is more likely to convert into sales. Each Social Media platform has a purpose, exist only on those social media platforms whose purpose aligns with your business goals.

3)     Content is not important

People believe that copying content from other websites will not do any harm. But doing so will make your content unoriginal and not unique. Google tends to reduce the ranking of such websites. The key is relatable and unique content. Content is the king when it comes to Digital Marketing. So, it should be as original as possible.

4)     To Not reply on DMs

Interacting with your potential audience is a process that might start as DM on Social Media. All Direct Messages should be seen and responded to. Not responding to DMs would make the customer lose interest and thus result in losing a potential conversion.

5)     Targeting everyone will bring in conversions

This statement could not be any more wrong. . Targeting everyone would be like firing a gun without aiming. Detailed filtrations and targeting bring in the best conversions as only those people who have similar interests as your business would be the target segment. Analytics should be used for the right targeting.

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